World stock markets traded in the green zone

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World stock markets on Monday was included in the “green” zone and did not show special desire to get out of it. The US stock market was in a particularly festive mood, updating new highs. The Dow 30 rose 1.27%, the S&P 500 by 1.16% and the Nasdaq 1.29 percent. The Russian stock market on Monday were not behind the world: the RTS index rose by 1.35%, while the index of the Moscow exchange by 0.97%. Markets got excited about progress in the negotiations, the U.S. and China.
Additionally, the optimistic growth data of indexes PMI in China assuage concerns that a trade conflict with the United States adversely affected the Chinese economy. This morning almost all the Asian indices are trading in positive territory, only the Japanese Nikkei 225 in the weak minus. We expect that today the Russian stock market will open in positive territory, according to the RTS index for today 1200-1280 projected points, the index of the Moscow — 2500-2600 points.
Meanwhile in Europe continue to suffer at Bracito. The British Parliament on 1 April decided to make a joke and failed once again rejected four alternative plan Theresa may option Brekzita, including a plan to create a customs Union with the EU and the plan for a second referendum. A new vote is scheduled for Thursday, April 4, but it looks like the UK is getting closer to be a tough one Brekzita, when on April 12, if no alternative plans and will not be offered, it will point to the door. This uncertainty puts pressure on the Euro.
Brent crude oil on Monday also not lagged behind the growth of stock markets. Brent crude oil rose by 2.18% to $68,93, and the barrel Texas WTI rose in price by 2.5%, to $61,64. An additional positive backdrop for the oil market created a meeting in Moscow of the Minister of oil of Iran and the Russian energy Minister, following which a statement was made that the deal “OPEC+” works well and may be renewed. The price of Brent crude until the end of the week and may test $70 per barrel. Today, we expect the corridor’s Brent $68-69,5 per barrel.
Today, the ruble may strengthen to the opening of trading. Today the projected corridors on ruble pairs at 65-65,8 rubles per dollar and 72.7-73,5 RUB for Euro.
Natalia Milchakova,
Deputy Director of information-analytical center,