World stock markets sank into negative

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After a brief recovery, global stock markets plunged once again into negative territory fairly quickly after the postponement of the introduction of US tariffs against China. European stocks are decent losses amid a new wave of flight from risk triggered by the dynamics of the bonds.
In particular, the spread of 2 – and 10-year treasuries fell below zero for the first time since 2007, while the yield on 30-year U.S. securities reached a record low at 2,067% amid the continued rally of the bonds. Earlier, market sentiment was spoiled by the weak data from China and Germany.
Against this background, in the second half of day the Russian indexes which have not stood aloof from the General deleveraging of risk, suffer losses in the amount of 0.7% index Mosberg and 1.07% on RTS. The us dollar meanwhile is testing the 200-day moving average in the area of 65.25 RUB amid falling oil prices.
If the mood on world markets continues to worsen, the Russian currency will not get significant support from the tax period, which starts on Wednesday, August 15. In the short term, the dollar is likely to remain above the level of 65 rubles, while the growth momentum of the pair is limited due to the weakening of the American currency on the Forex market.
Arseniy Dadashev,
Academy of management Finance and investment