World stock markets increase optimism

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World stock markets on Monday was markedly depressed, having finished the trading session mostly in the red zone. American indexes on Monday afternoon so much fell amid negative reports of some banks that some of traders it has even revived fears of a new global economic crisis.
By evening emotions calmed down, and the representatives of the European Commission that the EU in the near future is ready to hold talks on trade, the United States, greatly reassured the American market. Moreover, these negotiations, apparently, if held, would mean that the EU agrees to trade with US on terms favorable to US. In the end, on Monday, the Dow 30 fell by only 0.1%, the S&P 500 index lost only 0,06%, and the Nasdaq as well as Dow 30 showed a slight fall of 0.1%.
Oil price of North sea Brent crude retreated on Monday, down 0.32%, to $70,91 per barrel and the price of a barrel of oil from Texas WTI has fallen in price almost as 0.33%, to $63,63 in the background US Department of energy on record growth of U.S. exports of black gold in 2018. Currently waiting for the price of a barrel of Brent $70-71.
The Russian stock market against the background of falling oil prices on Monday also declined. Data about industrial production growth in Russia in March, the market is not impressed, as the pace of growth has slowed. By the close of Monday, the RTS index fell 0.51%, while the index of Masuri — on 0,57%.
Morning optimism among global stock markets increased, the whole of Asia confident plus positive data on the trade balance of China. Today, most likely, the shares on the Moscow stock exchange can be opened with a small loss. Expected RTS values 1200-1270 points, and index Masuri — 2520-2600 points.
We believe that the opening of currency trading, the ruble may be a little cheaper. We see today the ranges of values on ruble pairs in 64 and 65 rubles per dollar and 72-73,2 rubles per Euro.
______________________ Natalia Milchakova,
Deputy Director of information-analytical center,