World stock markets go lower

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World stock markets mostly go down on Thursday amid negative reaction of market participants on the statement of U.S. fed monetary policy.
American stock indices the day before decreased 1.1 percent after the U.S. Federal reserve’s expected rate cut, but the head of the regulator made more rigid than predicted in the market and statements regarding future monetary policy.
However, despite the drop in U.S. stock market indicators, a trader Forex Club was able to capitalize on the dynamics of the Dow Jones more than 9 thousand dollars a day.
The fed following the meeting of July 30-31, the expected lowered its benchmark interest rate to 2-2. 25% 2.25-2.5% per annum, this was the first drop in the last 10 years. The fed’s Jerome Powell said that he does not consider the current decline rates as the beginning of a long cycle of decline. The next meeting of the regulator at the rate of will be held in mid-September, and investors now are less optimistic about him.
The Asian stock exchanges on Thursday closed lower indices up to 0.8%, following negative dynamics on the American markets. The support of the Japanese market had a weakening of the yen to the dollar.
The main stock indexes in Europe on Thursday weakened by 0.2-0.3 percent followed other world markets. Investors also drew attention to statements of European companies and statistics on business activity index in industrial production in the Eurozone.
The Russian stock market should be down for global markets, the ruble is not showing any dynamics to the dollar and Euro amid falling oil prices.
Dmitry Semaev,
Financial scout,
Forex Club