World stock markets fear trade conflict the United States and China

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World stock markets on Monday look at the controversial background of the escalation of the trade conflict between the US and China.
The major stock indexes of USA the results of Friday and rose on average by 0.4% on the back of renewed investors ‘ optimism about the continuing trade negotiations with China. Despite the fact that the recent round of talks has not yielded tangible results, the President of the United States Donald trump said on the possibility of cancelling the previously entered in the U.S. increased import duties on goods from China in case of progress in the negotiations.
Some positive on the us stock market brought also evidence of rising inflation in the US in April, only 2%, whereas the market was expecting growth of 2.1%.
Against this background offers a good opportunity to capitalize on the change of quotations of U.S. stocks, as did a trader Forex Club, which received for the day on the dynamics of the Nasdaq more than 4 thousand dollars.
Asian markets plunged on Monday on the main index within 1.2%. Investors in the region worried about the order of the trump to begin the process of raising tariffs on all Chinese imports, estimated at $ 300 billion. Market participants now await the return of the Chinese measures to the actions of the American side.
European stocks are also going down with the Asian exchanges. Russian stock market if Monday does not show a single dynamics, and the ruble loses nearly 40 cents as the dollar and the Euro, despite rising in price oil.
Vadim Kovalenko,
Financial scout,
Forex Club