World stock markets are in relative peace

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The new trading week in world markets began in a relatively relaxed mode. Investors have reacted calmly to the entry into force of the new tariffs the U.S. and China, in advance to prepare for such a scenario. The manifestation of negativity also kept the fact that trump confirmed his intention to return to the negotiating table with Beijing. Despite the more favorable the rhetoric of the parties, tensions on this front remains high, and investors are hoping for a significant breakthrough in the upcoming talks, and especially do not bet on a speedy conclusion of the transaction.
After mixed trading in Asia, European markets opened in a moderate plus. Trading activity during the day is going to be low because of the labour Day celebration in the United States. The Russian indexes have tried to develop a rise at the start of the session, but soon the index Mosberg left on negative territory on the background of strengthening of the ruble. However, the movement as a whole are restrained.
Dollar/ruble, which on Friday closed in the area of 66,70 RUB, trying to test the area of 66,50 RUB, but not in a hurry to develop bearish momentum as the dollar retains a strong position in the Forex market. The main events this week for the pair will happen on Friday, when the Bank of Russia will decide on monetary policy, and the States will publish the latest statistics on employment, which will affect players ‘ expectations regarding further rate cuts by the fed. The Russian regulator with high probability will reduce the rate by 0.25%, which is unlikely to cause a strong reaction in the market, since such a move is expected and already priced in.
__________________ Arseniy Dadashev,
Academy of management Finance and investment