World stock markets are in an inconsistent state

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Major world stocks ended Thursday mixed. The Russian market declined, ending the rally of the previous days. At the end of the day the ruble Mosberg index has lost 1,05%, dollar-denominated RTS index on the background correction of the ruble against the dollar fell more, by 1.37%. Among the leaders of drawdown – “Polymetal” (-3,39%) and Gazprom (-2,97%). The Dow 30 fell at the same time on 0,05%. On the morning of Friday the indexes of the Pacific rim countries moved in different directions, Australia and Japan grew, and Shanghai and Hong Kong declined.
Futures on the S&P 500 index was trading in the morning, around 2896 p., 0.13% above the level of the previous day’s close. Controversial external background does not give clear guidance before the opening of the Russian stock market, which will begin trading neutral. Likely day the corridor index Mosberg is in the range of values 2525-2575 points, RTS index — 1235-1260 points. Today operating results for the first quarter will be published “Severstal”.
After the stock market Thursday fell and the ruble. At the end of the day on Masuria, the dollar calculations “tomorrow” rose to 64,6100 RUB (+31,75 COP.), and the European currency has grown to RUB 72,7275 (+24,75 COP.). Morning recovery of oil prices may lead to resumption of the strengthening of the ruble. The expected daily range for the dollar amounts of 64.0-65.3 per RUB, for the European currency — 72,0-73,5 RUB.
After eight consecutive trading days oil has updated its local maxima, on Thursday, she was unable to repeat this achievement. Bidding started at $71.3 per barrel of Brent, in the evening prices fell to $70.3, although by the end of the session it recovered slightly to $70.6 per. Before it became known that OPEC may July to increase oil production, if production in Iran and Venezuela will continue to fall and prices to rise, since the extension of the production cuts in a global Pact may lead to excessive reduction of the level of supply in the market.
On the morning of Friday prices on black gold a little added to the levels last night and were close to $70,7. Likely daily range for today’s trading, Brent crude is $70,0-to 71.4 per barrel. The medium range which is defined by the closest significant support levels and resistance was reduced to $65,9-71,5. In the evening oilfield services company Baker Hughes will publish a report on active oil platforms in the United States. Recall that a week earlier the number had grown to 15 units, up to 831 pieces. _______________
Vadim Iosub,
Senior analyst at information-analytical center “Alpari”