World stock markets are feeling the stress

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World stock markets on Wednesday feel enough stress waiting for the decision of the fed at the rate and outcome of trade negotiations the American and Chinese sides.
Major U.S. stock markets on the eve fell in the range of 0.3% pending the outcome of the trade negotiations between the US and China. Pressure came from the comments of the President of the United States Donald trump that trade negotiations are unlikely to increase the chances of an agreement in the near future.
Investors also await the decision of the U.S. Federal reserve’s monetary policy. According to most market participants, the rate will be reduced by 25 basis points.
Despite the decline in stock market indicators, the dynamics of the us stock indices allowed the trader Forex Club earn more than 5 thousand dollars for a night on the dynamics of the Nasdaq 100.
Asian markets closed the trading environment decrease to 1.3% against the backdrop of threats trump that, if, before his possible re-election in the presidential election in 2020, the agreement on trade with China is not concluded, the deal will be tougher.
European markets Wednesday mostly higher after the release of the financial statements of companies in the region. Aircraft manufacturing Airbus reported net profit growth in the first half of the year in 2,4 times, up to 1,197 billion euros, while Credit Suisse reported an increase of this index by 26%, to $ 1.7 billion.
Investors also drew attention to statistics on the economy of the region.
So, annual inflation in the Eurozone in July slowed to 1.1%, as expected. In addition, the GDP growth of the countries of the region in the second quarter amounted to 1.1% yoy, while the market had forecast growth rate by only 1%.
The Russian stock market on Wednesday does not show a single dynamics, the ruble is growing at an average 10 cents to the dollar and the Euro on the background of the rise of world oil prices.
Dmitry Semaev,
Financial scout,
Forex Club