World stock markets are disappointed with the dynamics of the negotiations, the U.S. and China

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Thursday, March 14, the ruble again behaved ambiguously. This time the trend was just the opposite the day before yesterday: the Russian currency fell against the dollar and rose slightly against the Euro. By the close of trading Thursday, the dollar exchange rate calculations “tomorrow” increased by 12 kopecks (+0,18%) to 65,52 rubles and the single European currency weakened by 5 kopecks (-0,07%), to for 74, 05 RUB.
The world’s financial markets on Thursday torpedoed a message to the American media that the meeting between Donald trump and President XI Jinping before the end of March will not take place and will take place at best in April. Investors from risky assets immediately began to shift in the dollar. Meanwhile, late in the evening of March 14, the British Parliament still voted by a convincing majority of votes for the postponement of the start date Brekzita at 30 June of the current year. Now the UK government would ask the European Union to postpone the Brekzita, and the EU in turn has granted the request of the British government only if 27 countries in the European Union, will vote for this decision unanimously.
Brent crude on Thursday in London has fallen in price on 0,8%, to $67,02 per barrel. March 14 released the monthly report of OPEC, in which experts of the oil cartel had concerns that global demand for oil this year will remain low, and challenge OPEC for the current year is “maintaining stability” of the oil market.
However, the report of the oil cartel said that its total production in February decreased by 221 thousand barrels per day to 30,55 million barrels a day, and thus, OPEC compared to October 2018 completed the transaction for the reduction of oil production by 106%. Probably on the news that the market on the background of yesterday’s negativity from the USA have not noticed this morning the price of Brent crude increasing by 0.13%.
Today the auction on ruble pairs can be opened in different directions. Most likely, the pair dollar/ruble will again be relevant in the corridor 65-66 RUB and EUR/RUB – the updated range is 73.7-74,5 RUB.
Natalia Milchakova,
Deputy Director of information-analytical center,