World stock markets are buoyant hoping for negotiations, the U.S. and China

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World markets mostly go up in the hope of a new round of trade negotiations between the US and China.
Major U.S. stock indexes the day before have grown within 1.3% after the publication of statistics from China, after which a few had quieted the fears of investors over prospects for the global economy, which is adversely affected by a crisis in trade relations between the US and China.
The index of business activity in the services sector of China in August rose to 52.1 points, while the market had forecast a weaker growth – to 51.7 points.
Asian markets closed trading Thursday growth by 0.9-2.1% in anticipation of a new round of trade negotiations. The American and Chinese sides agreed to hold the 13th round of trade negotiations at a high level in early October, while in mid-September will be held a working meeting of the parties.
Market participants also drew attention to the statements of the Chinese authorities that the reduction in reserve requirements for banks will be implemented in a timely manner to support the real economy.
European markets look mixed, looks worse than the rest of the British stock market, where speculation continues about the prospects for Brexit transfer in the event of a British exit from the EU without a deal.
The Russian stock market goes up by 0.5-1.2%, Mosberg index on Thursday climbed above the psychological mark of 2800 points. The ruble is more expensive more than 10 cents to the ruble, and more than 20 cents to the Euro.
Dmitry Semaev,
Financial scout,
Forex Club