World markets: the financial crisis in 2019

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And I think it’s once again briefly to explain my position on the subject of markets and not only in 2019. They say that 2019 is the year of the Pig, but really, 2019, the year of the “bear”. I think that 2019 will be very difficult, simply disastrous, the world is waiting for a crisis comparable to those that were caused by the bankruptcy of Lehman Brothers, or worse.
And if then, in 2008, the global world of Finance has saved Barack Obama and Federal reserve, Donald trump in this matter can not vouch for. He global market is not like he doesn’t like globalists and they pay him the same coin. Of course, while it seems impossible, but I wouldn’t be surprised if the result of a new crisis will be the collapse of the dollar in the world for several currency zones, and restructuring of U.S. debt. Perhaps there will be a single currency for the United States, Mexico and Canada. Perhaps, on this scenario expects Putin. Let’s wait and see.
From my point of view, the U.S. stock market “bubble” in 2020 the world with a high probability for a recession. And before it is almost always followed by falling of stock quotes. We see 1800-2000 points on S&P. Brent could easily fly to $30-35 per barrel. Index Masuri in this case will be 1500 points. If the Bank of Russia will not interfere in the bid, it is very likely, then again amid cheap oil, the dollar will reach a minimum of 80 rubles, and the Euro will easily exceed the level of 90 rubles. under this scenario, the Central Bank of the Russian Federation, probably, will go to increase the key rate, which may reach the level of 10-15%.
All of us in 2019 it will be necessary simply to survive, to be more correct – to endure. And who else will have money to buy depreciating assets, you can buy everything from real estate to shares of “Gazprom” and preference shares “Surgutneftegaz”.
Alexander Razuvayev,
The Director of analytical Department,