Why the dollar today is continually growing and what will happen to the ruble on

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On the stock exchange today suffering ruble shows multidirectional dynamics against the dollar and the Euro. USD/RUB is currently growing by 0.38% to RUB 66,69 Despite the fact that in the open market, the dollar soared against the ruble, by the middle of day the dollar has slowed. But today the Euro against the ruble is falling 0.26% and exchange rate of the Euro at the moment is 76,551 RUB the Bank of Russia for the weekend and Monday, August 13, announced the following official exchange rates: the dollar is 66,9075 rubles per dollar, and the Euro – 76,676 RUB for Euro.
The news about the sanctions that will be imposed on August 22, gradually fading. Yesterday evening Moscow time, as reported by Reuters, the spokesman said that the ban on direct flights to the USA for Aeroflot’s speech in the second, prospective, sanctioned package is not, and it is only ban the supply of dual-use goods from the United States. Bans “Aeroflot” on operations in the United States may be entered only if the airline attempts to illegally import products, placed under sanctions, but when and what kind of products will be discussed, state Department spokesman said.
Partly such statements with a little help the market to calm down. Panic of the population, associated with the collapse of the ruble, is not observed. According to “Sberbank”, the volume of foreign currency purchases by the population is not more than $20 million a day.
Meanwhile, Brent crude on the ICE grows moderately (0.36%), per barrel $72,33. News that in July the OPEC member+ Azerbaijan fully complied with the established OPEC quota on oil production, has had a moderate impact on the price of oil, and all the attention now to geopolitics. We believe that in the coming days, the price of Brent crude can stay under $72-73 per barrel.
According to estimates Alpari, the dollar in the next few days can be traded at 66-67 RUB and Euro – RUB 76-77..
Natalia Milchakova,
The Deputy Director of analytical Department,