Why oil is so wildly rising in price?

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Mexico in this case you need to replace on Iran, and then the current storm in the oil market becomes clear. A barrel of Brent in the morning rose to $74,31 — maximum 1 November 2018. Later, however, receded a little, but that’s not the essence important, the main thing that all remains very high for Easter Monday, when all actors are quietly celebrating the Catholic Easter.
While the Washington Post and The Wall Street Journal do not celebrate and not let others. In their morning publications have appeared information about the fact that today the United States can announce the completion of the grace period for buyers of Iranian oil to eight countries: India, China, South Korea, Taiwan, Greece, Turkey, Italy and Japan, who were previously “allowed” to continue to buy oil from Iran under U.S. sanctions, for a short period of time. He seems to have come to an end.
Why oil is so wildly rising in price? Because the market locally may form a vacuum supply, and the Saudis will not be able to quickly close it for its supplies, because six months was that the company reduced its prey.
Here still here what moment. I wonder what China will say if its from 2 may excommunicated from purchases of Iranian oil and will have to quickly seek an alternative supplier? Not worsen the relations between Beijing and Washington? The more that a trade agreement yet to be finalized.
Or, for example, the United States will leave only the possibility of China buying Iranian oil, once again exacerbate relations with the civilized world. Also not a very comfortable option.
But it’s the details that oil bulls little interest. Yet the intrigue remains in force, the barrel of Brent could grow more and more, the purpose of the $75 approximately that if the States still will speak and declare the end of the grace period.
The ruble is in a completely comfortable environment. The U.S. dollar is reduced in the area of 63,80 RUB, short-term can be traded within 63,55-RUB 64,00 Euro continues to fall and is trading today around 71,79 RUB.
Anna Bodrova,
Senior analyst at information-analytical center,