Why does Ripple have fallen off the cryptocurrency market

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The main cryptocurrency Monday a little bit reduced in price on the background of a whole series of negative news for XRP.
In particular, the Central Bank of Singapore refused to use Ripple payment solution, stating that they do not have any advantage over the traditional banking systems.
Against this background, the message rate XRP 9: 00, according Libertex per day decreased on 1,01% – to 0,298 dollar with a market capitalization of 12.6 billion dollars. Ethereum by this time has fallen in price on 1,31% – to is 158.9 dollar in capitalization 17.1 billion dollars.
An additional negative factor for this cryptocurrency was the news that with Ethereum-wallet exchange Bitfinex during the week receive 40% of the funds. The work on the code to jump to Ethereum Proof-of-Stake will be completed very soon.
Bitcoin has fallen in price on 1,03% – to $ 5645, its market capitalization amounted to 101,2 billion. Despite the decline in the exchange rate of bitcoin, the situation on the market opens a good prospect for earnings on the currency, as did one of the traders of Forex Club, earned on the transactions bitcoin more than 3 thousand dollars per day.
Litecoin per day fell by 4.58% to 72.1 per dollar with a market capitalization of $ 4.5 billion. The total capitalization of the stock market has reached 180,9 billion.
However, from a more substantial drawdown of digital assets kept the news from Facebook, which develops payment system for cryptocurrency. In addition, a new cryptocurrency released by Nike.
According to financial scouts in the near term the decline of the stock market will continue, but will be quite moderate. Bitcoin may go down to 5600 dollars Ethereum to 155 dollars, XRP – to 0,29 dollar and Litecoin – up to 71.5 per dollar.
Denis Povtoreiko,
Financial scout,
Forex Club