Why bitcoins cannot grow above $10 000 by mid-year

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Stock Markets Group – the Last two months the decline in attention to bitcoin is everywhere. The media has ceased to actively support the cryptocurrency, since it is almost all accustomed to, and developments around digital market from day to day is like.
Those investors who had invested in the coin, when the exchange rate of bitcoin has been trending almost all of their funds, are now trying to diversify risks, and not in favor of the former.
The banking system and politicians can not agree among themselves and with the crypto community, which never ceases its efforts to legalize the most favorite tool for earnings.
Experts began to say that bitcoin has exhausted itself as an attractive asset and has now entered a stage of a passive trend.
These are just some of the reasons why the analysts believe, the sunset of the era of bitcoin is near. However, the supporters of the cryptocurrency continue to talk about future prospects and sky-high prices, despite the weakness of the digital asset.

The bitcoin exchange rate and complexity of development

Issues around bitcoin are tired of big players
There’s a limit, and while there remained a belief that the creators of the network, the blockchain will quickly resolve the issues with the technical flaws, the bitcoin exchange rate managed to keep the levels and even to grow.
However, as recent months have shown, almost all the tokens that appear, pursuing only one goal – the rapid enrichment of their creators.
This often happens almost imperceptibly, for example, half a year after the launch of the particular coins, the Creator of the suddenly sells all that he has with the words: “I did everything I could, thank you all for the support.”
Large capital is unacceptable of uncertainty, so the interest in such tools as bitcoin is fading fast, which we observe in March.
Bitcoin becomes “toxic”
Problems with the law, those who use bitcoin as an illegal instrument of payment and collection of investors ‘ funds, “casts a shadow” on the most popular cryptocurrency in the world.
The absence of rules regulating the market, making the courts cases of fraud and questionable, as a rule, futile. About the “toxicity” of bitcoin and cryptocurrencies talk for a long time, but unfortunately the situation is only getting worse, as reports of hacking of exchanges and dishonest ICO is becoming more.
The security and vulnerability of crypto exchanges adds to the negativity in regards to bitcoin.
Bitcoin exchange rate today few people are interested
In predictions about the value of bitcoin in USD 100,000 by the end of the year, or even $30 000 who love to dispense ardent supporters of the cryptocurrency, there are few who believe. Also, with the approach of summer is less likelihood that Bitcoin generally out of the price range.
If you look to the price chart BTC/USD, we can see, the closer you get to summer the less the volatility in the market which is so attractive to speculators driving the market.
In our opinion, unrealistic predictions like to make those who sit in bitcoin with the big money and doesn’t want to believe that bitcoin has reached a “fair” price.
The bitcoin exchange rate no fundamental basis
If we analyze the growth or decline in the value of cryptocurrencies, unlike traditional financial instruments, it still has no Foundation.
Everything that is happening with bitcoin, whether growth or decline, due solely to the fear and panic in the first case, or inflated expectations of the players in the second.
That is, the asset is gradually turning into such a “trainer of fortune” by working with whom you can rely only on where you want to open most of the participants of the exchange.
Therefore, the probability of false prediction is very high, and we take for the cause of fundamental factor is not obtained because it is not.
Many experts say that you can use technical analysis in its pure form, but that’s not true, because any figure in the market this is not just a reflection of the emotions or the behavior of the masses.
The lack of Foundation in any financial instrument makes work with him in the speculation, rocking in one direction and then the other, making it unpredictable.
The only thing that will give bitcoin away with is the technology of the blockchain, and because cryptocurrency is an integral part of the network, it will exist. The only question is the price and applicability in the global financial system.
Sergey Titov,
Market analyst cryptocurrency
Stock Markets Group™