Who is to blame for the fall of the ruble?

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The Bank of Russia found guilty in the April devaluation of the ruble. The nationalization of the Bank Opening led to the flight of billionaire Boris mints from Russia.
The Central Bank called the perpetrators of the April devaluation of the ruble. According to the Bank record the purchase of foreign exchange was carried out by non-residents which after the introduction of new sanctions against Russia started to sell Federal loan bonds and to convert the received rubles in the currency.
We have already repeatedly warned that a high proportion of non-residents in the Russian OFZ is like a time bomb. Today our national debt is in high demand and foreigners actively buying up the rubles, and for them to buy OFZs. But tomorrow the money will go in the opposite direction and this will inevitably push the domestic currency into the abyss. The April events are only visible proof of that.
Meanwhile, the nationalization of the Bank Opening, which took place last year continues to halloo to one another for the economy today. One of the richest people of Russia Boris mints, who owns 15 business centers and 3 pension funds was forced to move to the UK after one of his structures has defaulted on the bonds. Funds Boris mints have actively invested in the securities of the Bank Open, which immediately depreciated after the nationalization of the Bank. It’s probably not the last fall of the giants of Russian business, which we will see this year. In turn, Oleg Deripaska and maybe Viktor Vekselberg.
On this background the dollar exchange rate on the Moscow stock exchange is around 62 rubles and 60 kopecks, the Euro traded at the level of 72 rubles 60 kopecks. The MICEX index is at the level of 2310 points, quotes of Brent crude oil holding just below $ 76 per barrel. Bitcoins according to CoinMarketCap dropped to 7100 dollars.
The situation with Boris mints is one of the manifestations of the policy pursued by the Bank together with the government in respect of the Russian economy. Of course, to blame the Central Bank and the government would be wrong, but the story of the mints is just the tip of the iceberg, which is on the surface.
What is the number of private investors, small companies lost their money in the Bank or Opening in the stock and bonds of the Bank in the past year? It’s a rhetorical question, although the final number of victims is not difficult to find. The result is today’s foreign policy of increasing sanctions pressure on Russia. The new sanctions are able to queue for the elimination of Russian business, Oleg Deripaska, owning a huge number of industrial enterprises and power plants in Russia.
Is in danger and Viktor Vekselberg, who is actually willing to give part of their assets to the state. In these circumstances, how our government is going to implement the new “may decrees” of the President is not entirely clear.
Domestic economic policy has created the conditions for a stable macroeconomic environment. However, we paid for this high dollar. Which are supposed to cost 50 rubles, and costs 62. And the financial authorities here too not to blame? We warned that by the end of may, the dollar will rise in the range of 62 to 63 rubles, which is happening now. The Euro against the ruble also is gradually growing, but more moderate pace, due to the negative dynamics of currency pair Euro/dollar on the international currency market Forex.
Gleb Zadoya,
The head of the analytical Department of the company,