Where to invest money on the verge of crisis?

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The total decline in the value of stocks and bonds that are traded on exchanges around the world, in October 2018, reaching $5 trillion, the evaluation of The Wall Street Journal. The October drop has affected not only market shares but also bonds. The simultaneous impairment of these securities is extremely rare. As a result, the S&P 500 index in October fell by almost 7%. Such a strong reduction index has not occurred for the last seven years.
Not the best look and European stocks: Europe 600 index slipped in October by 6%. The expected tightening of monetary policy, the fed, trade wars and the General economic unpredictability Donald trump scaring investors. Many of them withdrawal of capital from stock markets without the risk to buy depreciating assets, be it stocks or bonds.
These people sell securities to and just keep the cache. And from our point of view, it is the best choice. The world is on the threshold of a very hard crisis history. In 2019 we will see 1800-2000 by S&P and at least 1500 index Mosberg. The correct way is to invest in the cache.
Alexander Razuvayev,
The Director of analytical Department,