Where to invest in 2019, the expert gave advice

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Approaching the New Year and Orthodox Christmas. Traditional gifts and investment plans. With the latest in the current year problem – definitely fear overcomes greed. The risks of a global recession and sales of stocks, bonds, oil and currencies of developing countries are very large. Oil at $30 and dollar 80 rubles – it may soon be our new reality. The CBR will probably do nothing: as you know, we have it targets inflation, not exchange rates. Max will raise the key rate.
Suffice it to recall a grim picture of the devaluation of the end of 2014. And, at first glance, cash dollar in Russia there is no alternative. The Russian government and the Central Bank of the Russian Federation stated that the rejection of the dollar will only affect foreign trade and will not affect ordinary Russians. And we believe that there is nothing to fear, Russia will not be a waiver of the now familiar economic freedoms.
However, from our point of view, the American dollar is a real alternative. Good investment tool – gold and silver coins. They are mints of many countries. Coins are not subject to VAT, they can be stored. Coins are divided into investment and collection. The cost of the latter is not tied to the price of the metal but depends on the rarity of the coin and its safety. The most expensive gold coin in the world is the 1933 Double Eagle the year of issue, the value of which at auction 2002 exceeded $7.5 million.
On the background of the upcoming holidays, we recommend you to look at a coin from a different angle. It is not only the object of investing money, it is a gift, and gift original. Trouble-free cure that will definitely save your woman a headache.
Buy a coin and check our cure for yourself.
Alexander Razuvayev,
The Director of analytical Department,