What Tesla attracts investors

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In mid-August, the Tesla market capitalization exceeded $60 billion, and now is $45,16 billion a couple of weeks ago, the company was estimated by the market more than General Motors ($47.5 billion). The bears immediately draw attention to the fact that General Motors sold last year to 9.6 million vehicles per year and has earned $12.8 billion profit (before taxes), and Tesla has only sold 100 thousand cars and brought in $2.2 billion loss.
In evaluating similar companies, automakers, Tesla should be valued not at $45 billion, and ten times cheaper. Plus the latest scandal with the Director of Elon Musk around his publications on Twitter to purchase shares at an inflated price. These actions resulted in investigations by the SEC and the U.S. justice Department. Everyone was talking about the fall of the stock market, but the fall did not take place, and the company’s stock returned to its previous positions since September 29, the SEC and Elon has reached a pretrial agreement, in which Musk will leave the post of Chairman of the Board of Directors of Tesla and will not be able to take it for three years. Also the Musk and the company will pay $ 20 million penalty to the Board of Directors will include two independent members-and a Committee will be formed to monitor the messages. The bears failed to capitalize on the fall of shares of the company, despite all their efforts. What Tesla is so attractive to investors? Let’s face it.
Over the last 8 years after the IPO, the company has undergone great event. Tesla bought Toyota’s large plant in Fremont. Build two electric vehicle, now known as the Model S and Model X. the two cars to date, has received almost all the existing awards and nominations, including the recognition of “the safest car tested by NHTSA of” and “best car of tested Consumer Reports”. To date, sold more than 200 thousand cars.
With the aim of reducing the cost of lithium-ion batteries by 30%, and Tesla, in partnership with Panasonic has built a giant plant Gigafactory in Nevada. In addition, Nevada has provided in exchange for the construction of a battery factory Gigafactory tax deductions in the amount of $1.3 billion Tesla launches a home battery pack Powerwall is a key part of the circuit connecting the electric cars and home solar power generators. It introduced the technology driving Autopilot and built his international network of charging stations Supercharger. In 2016, the company announced the culmination of its master plan: launch of Model 3 – electric vehicle for the mass market to the average price. New electric car was quickly assembled almost half a million pre-orders, which made him probably the most successful in the history of the launch of the product in production.
With the creation of the Model 3, which can now be found everywhere on the North American roads, Elon Musk has achieved his goal set more than a decade ago. However, the Tesla story is just beginning: in the process of developing a model Semi, new Roadster; solar panels installed on the roofs of houses; large-scale projects on construction of energy accumulators in Australia, Puerto Rico and elsewhere, the creation of new charging stations Supercharger and all functionality provided through wireless software updates.
With the U.S. government, the Tesla Motors accounted for about $2.4 billion of preferences, including a loan of $45 million U.S. Department of energy and debt forgiveness of $517 million As we can see, the US government is interested in development of high technologies of the future.
Therefore, the value of the shares of the automaker in excess of the capitalization of GM and Ford, is justified because the following decades, electric vehicles will gradually replace fossil fuels, and Tesla in this area with a large experience and the well-known brand. For ordinary Americans (and not only) company Tesla as “beautiful far”, which you can touch now, and therefore the company’s investment attractiveness will only increase. Thus the company there are great opportunities to work on the energy efficiency of the car introducing their own more sophisticated new technologies and development, thereby reducing cost price of the car and making it more accessible to the wider population.
Denis Lisitsyn,
The trader-analyst,