USA and China are unlikely to agree at the G20 summit

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Today in the Argentine capital Buenos Aires kicks off summit “Big twenty”. The main theme of the summit – the issues of unemployment and fair trade rules. In Buenos Aires can also be made the first steps in the reform of the WTO. The meeting of presidents Vladimir Putin and Donald trump cancelled and it is likely that this summit will actually issue a further division of global peace. For the President of Russia in the priority probably would be to communicate with the leaders of the BRICS countries. Russia and China are actively engaged in the creation of a new global financial architecture.
For the global economy, the most important conflict the United States and China. Donald trump will have his first meeting with the leader of China XI Jinping after the announcement of China trade war. China in October reduced the import of oil and liquefied natural gas from the United States to zero. And from our point of view, the US and China are unlikely to agree. For Donald trump, there are only two points of view – his and wrong. However, if we were wrong, and the trade agreement between the US and China will be signed, it will be very pleasant surprise for world platforms, the growth of which can not be ignored and the Moscow exchange.
Well, a little more pessimism. From our point of view, the world is on the verge of crisis, comparable in scale caused by the collapse of investment Bank Lehman Brothers in 2008. A “bubble” in the U.S. stock market will not go away. However, the issue of a possible global crisis are unlikely to be discussed at the G20. The economy is once again sacrificed to the ambitions of politicians.
Alexander Razuvayev,
The Director of analytical Department,