US stocks: Trading on wall Street was marked by APPLE

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Yesterday’s trading on wall Street is clearly passed under the sign of APPLE. Due to such monsters high technology sector in the US as Microsoft Inc., Facebook Inc. and Apple Inc. The us stock market allowed himself to close in positive territory, the major stock indexes added to the end of a fairly volatile trading session.
Yesterday in the morning the markets reacted to ongoing trade squabble between the U.S. and China and the EU, but in the end the advantage was on the territory of greed, and investors throwing with a side of fears about trade and currency wars, rushed to buy shares of American companies hoping to new heights in corporate profits. Because very soon begins a new season of corporate reports, and greed outweighed fear of a trade war.
Investors ignored the actions of the Central Bank of China, which helped to weaken the Chinese yuan to a new extremum in the current year, which in my opinion is not surprising if we take into account the fact that data on business activity in the economy was below the previous value, in fact the Index of business activity in the industry, Caixin, the past June 2018, was at the level of the at 51.0 points, while it was expected that the index will make it 51,0 item, but the indicator was at the level of 51.1 per point and the market is not very much.
Amid trade wars and mass Exodus of investors from emerging markets and their buying of dollars worldwide, the Central Bank of China decided not to intervene in currency trading with its intervention and allowed the exchange rate of the Chinese currency to lose ground against the us dollar, partly on the arm of the Chinese exporters, which in China is a huge number.
Torn by fears and passions of the global investors is not the first week suffer about the direction the world financial market, but yesterday straight they all broke through the risks, perhaps they liked the Index of economic conditions ISM in manufacturing sector of the United States, for the current June 2018, which amounted to a value of 60.2 points, with the average expectation at 58.4 points, the previous value of 58.7 points, which clearly speaks of the resilience of the American economy, but then again, like was the game on the exchange to include the incident “good bad numbers”, but not yesterday.
Yesterday, on the eve of Independence Day the greed of investors overcame fears.
Today is a shortened trading session on wall Street, so expectations about the future closure of the U.S. market I have no. The most interesting will probably after July 16, when there will be a meeting of the 45th U.S. President and the Russian President Vladimir Putin.
Markets are looking for all your fragile items, but yet they do it with difficulty.
Roman Blinov,
The head of the analytical Department of the company,
“International financial center”