US stocks: S&P will crash in the fall

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According to information from business circles, disclosure about General Electric, trying to conceal the loss of $38 billion, is unlikely to have a direct impact on the dynamics of stock markets in the US. However, in conjunction with the revision of the largest corporations in the U.S. the priority of payment of dividends to shareholders testifies to the immediate, in the range of two to three months, reach the global crisis. The collapse of the S&P, oil, currencies and stocks in emerging markets, etc.
Trump may not mind. Perhaps he will write himself duty and will introduce the “Amero”. Obvious and incredible. Because the United States is the world’s largest consumer, including the largest consumer for issuers three alternative currencies (Euro, yuan and yen), and USD denominated foreign currency reserves of most countries (to a much greater extent than the Russian Federation), the world economy in the event of a us default will collapse.
And then the us dollar, the Euro, the pairs with yen and CNY paper in our and not only our reserves will turn into totally useless ones and zeros on computer disk drives. That is today familiar to us the world of global Finance would be destroyed. And in its place will arise something new and unclear. And not the fact that comfortable and friendly to Russia.
Are you ready for Russia? As you know, the Asian infrastructure investment Bank was established in October 2014. ABII is an Eastern alternative to the world Bank (WB) and Asian development Bank (ADB). The founders of the Bank are 57 countries. Major shareholders — China, India and Russia. According to the Russian foreign Ministry, the share of these countries in the Bank’s capital is 29,78%, of 8.37% and 6.54 percent respectively. In total by 2030 on infrastructure development in the Asian region will require about $22,6 billion. That’s only with the introduction of Eurasian or Euro jackpot Moscow, Minsk and Astana clearly missed the boat.
Will the crisis in the fall, right in 10 years the collapse of Lehman Brothers, or not – we certainly don’t know for sure. However, through the efforts of Mr. trump with not the smallest chance it will happen. After the Second world war, the United States made a bet on the American-style globalization. And especially after the collapse of the Soviet Union have achieved great success in this. However, now the US President has the potential to destroy the world, to which we have become accustomed.
If you believe in this scenario, what to buy to save money? Gold – by far. Plus, large industrial giants, with significant fixed assets and a strong position in key markets. For Example, “Gazprom”. Its shares, of course, collapses, but recovers in a new reality.
Alexander Razuvayev,
“Information-analytical center “Alpari”