US stocks rose 1.3% after Twitter trump

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Yesterday, the us market traded in the green zone. The DOW30 and NASDAQ index growth amounted to more than +1.3 percent, the index of wide market S&P500 closed up +0.97 percent. The reason for optimism was a statement by Donald trump on Twitter about the last telephone conversation with the Head of China, during which they agreed on the expanded meeting on the sidelines of the G20 summit.
Also, just before the US President was marked by criticism towards the ECB’s President Mario Draghi for the next manipulation of the Euro exchange rate that gives them a significant advantage in trade with the United States.
This statement seems like a direct message to Jerome Powell, with the requirement to reduce rates what hope investors. Moreover, in the evening of the same day the Bank of England Governor mark Carney also raised the possibility of a rate cut from the current 0.75 percent almost to 0%.
Thus, the fed is the only regulator with a relatively tight monetary policy. For how long? Find out tonight at 21:00 GMT. When will be published the interest rate decision of the fed. Today the changes in the figures to wait just not worth it. But at 21:30 GMT will be a press conference, but answering the questions of journalists Jerome Powell definitely needs to voice their forecasts for economic growth and monetary policy in the future.
If the words of the controller will appear to hint of a rate reduction in 2019 and stock markets “soar to heaven”, and the S&P500 index will go toward 3333.0. Naturally, all this we learn in the evening and tomorrow you can start building portfolios before the end of summer.
Dmitry Inogorodniy,
“International financial center”