US stocks mixed before fed’s decision on rate

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The world’s financial markets on Tuesday appear ambiguous, as investors refrain from taking action before the meeting of the U.S. Federal reserve rate.
Main US stock indexes on Monday showed no single dynamics in anticipation of the fed decision. Most market participants expect lower interest rates by 25 basis points from the current level of 2.25-2.5 per cent. While on Monday, the US President Donald trump said that a small rate cut is not enough.
Asian markets on Tuesday closed with growth of indexes within 0,5%. Investors are waiting for news of the next round of trade negotiations between the US and China. They do not expect to sign the final agreement between the parties, but hope to at least progress on some issues.
Market participants also drew attention to news from Japan, where unemployment in June unexpectedly fell to 2.3%, although the market was expecting the saving rate unchanged. In addition, the Bank of Japan once again kept interest rates at a negative level of minus 0.1%.
European indexes showed multidirectional dynamics on the background of the financial performance of European companies, as well as statistics on the economy of the region.
However, the dynamics of the European stock indicators let one of Forex Club traders to speculate on the quotes of the German DAX index almost 4 thousand dollars for the fact.
The Russian stock market is trading around the levels of the previous day’s close. The rouble rises in price in the range of 10 cents as the dollar and the Euro.
Dmitry Semaev,
Financial scout,
Forex Club