US stocks afraid of war trump with the fed

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The Russian stock market opened today is neutral. Due to the lack of external reference points, expect high volatility investors do not have. The activity of large market participants can be identified in a particular stock: AFK “System” will continue to rise by +0,7%, “Aneros” the potential growth will be 0.9 percent, “FosAgro” can add up 0.3 PCT, LSR likely a small growth of +0,4%, “Mosenergo” growth potential may be +0.2% and “Transneft” will grow by +0.4 percent.
And the company closing cash registers will continue to decline: “Children’s world” can fall another -4,2%, SAFMAR will Upadesa almost -3,5%, RussNeft will fall by -4%, and Mechel may be severely reduced at -4,2%. In force closed yesterday, most of the world’s trading floors, the Russian ruble has lost communication with the main guidelines, but support can get through a tax paid by the domestic companies. In other cases support the ruble and the market can provide the oil and gas sector.
The us stock market was closed on the occasion of the celebration of Christmas. Investors are concerned about the actions of Donald trump in the fed. The weakening of the U.S. stock market caused by the increase in the key rate of the Federal reserve, created the occasion to sharp statements of the President of the United States. But positive opinion of the Finance Minister Stephen Mnuchin even more worried market participants because there are no clear guidelines to strengthen the economy as a whole. In this regard, the interview of Stephen Mnuchin with regulators has reinforced the anxiety in the markets.
On this backdrop, major U.S. stock indexes will continue to decline due to fixation of the profits of large investors with respect to all sectors. The market can reject investment portfolios of large investment funds, institucionales and large banks. As purchased, the issuers will serves as a hedge in a falling market.
Gaidar Hasanov
“International financial center”