Us stock market finished the week on a positive note

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The previous week Russian stock market closed relatively quietly in slight positive zone. Index Mosberg rose to 2296,00, and the RTS index increased to 1155,14. In total, the market situation still does not inspire confidence for action. And for the month of June, we observed no special growth of assets in the market as a whole.
Because of the complexity of political decisions, inflation is gaining momentum and economic growth is slowing down. Trade wars have not gone away and the second half for the Russian market assets will not be easy. In fact, investors are closely watching the political rather than fundamental factors when making trading decisions.
Much now will depend on the scheduled meeting between the presidents of Russia and the United States, which will be held in Helsinki on 16 July. Already in the expectations index Masuri can be much larger. If the results of the meeting will be achieved positive note in relations between Russia and the USA, the Russian stock market may grow quite quickly, and we can record historical lows in the Russian stock indexes.
Us stock market finished the week on a positive note. Mainly due to the shares of Nike Inc (NYSE: NKE), which is a good reporting has become a driver for indexes. In the end, the Dow Jones rose 0.23% and the S&P500 index increased by 0.08%. It is also worth noting the energy sector, which mainly rose due to high oil prices. But the financial sector closed virtually unchanged. Since the Federal Reserve announced the passage of positive stress tests among American creditors, but also voiced some concerns regarding a number of banks.
The company’s shares Wells Fargo & Co (NYSE: WFC) rose by 3.5%. At the end of last month a total of the indexes showed multidirectional dynamics. The Dow Jones index dipped about 0.6%, but the S&P500 added 0.5% and Nasdaq up almost 1%. In the first days of the week we expect the continuation of positive dynamics of the index since the positive correction we can observe on the financial and technological sectors.
Gaidar Hasanov
“International financial center”