Us stock market falls ahead

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The Federal reserve system of the USA does not give in to pressure from the White house and continues to pursue the monetary policy which he considers relevant. At the December meeting the interest rate was raised by 25 basis points and stood thus in the target range of 2.25%-2,50% per annum.
In subsequent comments fed went minor concessions and has announced two rate increases in 2019 instead of three, as previously thought. This means that the cost of lending will continue to grow, and the economic system of the United States may not cope with the pressure.
What does this mean for capital markets? Us stock market falls ahead, the most notable sales in the technology sector. The banking sector looks the worst for half a year. In addition, the panic evident in the bond market, where rising borrowing costs for corporations and businesses.
The panic spread to the oil sector, where it hosted the bears. The evening before the barrel of Brent fell to a new low of $55,89 – it updates our previous forecast movement towards the support at $55, and then decline to $of 54, 45-54,50. Sales are related to fears of deceleration of the US economy, as in this case, reduced demand for energy.
The Russian stock market today is unlikely to ignore the gloomy external sentiments and will fall under the pressure. The ruble is fall under a negative influence from two sides: a failed auction on placement of OFZ and a new “bottom” in oil. The begun tax period in Russia is unlikely to oppose such pressure. Index of Masuri reference point for today is at around 2345 points, for US dollar – 67,70 RUB.
Anna Bodrova,
Senior analyst,