US markets are optimistic and do not see that any other signals

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Yesterday, I got the impression that investors no longer upset about the construction of the “great wall” on the border with Mexico. As we expected, all sectors of the US stock market rose at the end of trading on wall Street.
Us lawmakers in Congress were able to finally come to a common denominator. It was concluded, though preliminary, but nevertheless the agreement in which it will be possible to exclude the government shutdown this coming Saturday.
However, this agreement does not provide for the allocation of U.S. budget funds in the amount of $5.7 billion for the construction of the wall, which all this time has made Donald trump. Stocks on wall street grew steadily.
The players cheered himself with the thought that the trade talks between the US and China will be successful. At the end of yesterday, all three major index showed the largest one-day gain since early February of this year.
As always, emotional and unpredictable, the US President expressed his point of view on the topic of the talks with China. He stated that he may extend the deadline for the conclusion of foreign trade transactions. The fact that arriving in Beijing, senior American officials need more time to settle the differences between the US and China.
So we again recommend you not to reconsider your position before it reaches a broad market index USA level 2 777,72 points. However, at any time, you can begin overbought market. After he let off steam, he will be able to show some growth, probably even to the level 2 828,28 points.
In General, now investors are to take risks. This is evident in the commodity market and the markets of developing countries. The price of crude oil has grown well after OPEC’s statement to the sharp production cuts in January, and against the background of US sanctions against Venezuela. In addition, they pushed up the data of the American petroleum Institute (API) that in the USA the reduction of stocks of oil did not happen.
The markets are optimistic and do not see that any other signals. US government debt is again rising, it already reached $22 trillion, and even surpassed it. Since joining Donald trump for President of the U.S. public debt has risen to $2 trillion. Economists note that the growth acceleration was particularly noticeable in 2018, when the President reduced taxes in the country at $1.5 trillion, and Congress passed all the bills trump to increase spending on domestic and military programs. So it’s not so optimistic as it may seem.
Roman Blinov,
The head of the analytical Department of the company,
“International financial center”