Until the end of the year, the ruble will remain stable

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The ruble is on the background of the lack of bad news, not reduced. Plus comments of the Central Bank that in 2019, the regulator may, if necessary, to abandon the purchase of currency on the open market, encourages players. That is actually the national currency is trying to grow at every opportunity.
In addition, the optimism this week was caused by the first successful placement of Finance on the government debt market. The Agency sold the whole planned volume, and the demand was high enough. This factor is locally supported the ruble.
Until the end of the year, the ruble is likely to remain stable. In the context of a weakening global risks it can continue to grow, but its potential is very limited. Currency pair dollar/ruble to the end of the year can go below the strong support level in the area of 64,70 64-63 B. C,50. While this is the chapel at current fundamentals.
Ivan Kapustyasky,
Senior analyst,
Forex Optimum