U.S. markets fall in disappointment

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Since the beginning of the week the markets in General and USA in particular, showing a decrease. As we said, the sale of shares of the Boeing company (BA) fell Monday on 3%, was a great trading idea. While waiting for the recovery of this huge aircraft is not worth it.
Today in the United States planned a number of major reports. Among them we point out the company Barrick Gold. Analysts expect decline of financial performance of the company. The value of EPS may fall from $0.14 to $0.09 per share, while revenue may decrease from $2.23 billion to $2.10 billion
Net profit, according to analysts, could be $139 million versus $155 million a year earlier. Given that futures on US indices are down now, do not expect a “green day”.
On the Russian stock market, we expect the results of the meeting of the Board of Directors of Aeroflot (AFLT) and “FGC UES” (FEES) to discuss plans for the distribution of net profit in 2019. This means that there will be information about future dividends.
In addition, may 10 is the last day to purchase ordinary shares of Mosuri (MOEX) for receiving dividends. The company is paying about 7.7 rubles per share, which corresponds to approximately of 8.21% dividend yield.
Dmitry Inogorodniy,
“International financial center”