U.S. markets are closed liquidity will be low

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Thursday Asia showed a low-key, but overall a good momentum. The major indexes closed in positive territory, albeit with modest gains. The behavior of investors reflects the continuing tension due to the number of risk factors, where the foreground is gradually emerging of the expected meeting of the presidents of the United States and China at the G20 summit.
Markets do not cherish any illusions, but still hope for a constructive dialogue between the two leaders and the release of tension on the trade front. The stock exchanges of the USA are closed today to celebrate thanksgiving, and that means that trading activity before the end of this week will be low, and volatility.
The Russian market has opened a moderate rise, but soon the index Mosberg left on negative territory, declining to the level of 0.2%. RTS rising 0.3%. Careful external background and oil prices close to a local minima do not assume a significant improvement in sentiment. The ruble slightly lower against the dollar and the Euro, and if this trend will continue, RTAS also risks losing its modest advantage.
Brent after a slight recovery before it can decide on further motion vector. Quotes remain under the marker 64 and konsolidiruyutsya slightly below the opening level waiting for fresh drivers. Yesterday’s statistics from the US came on the whole good – production has ceased to grow, the rate of growth of stocks has slowed down (up to 5 million barrels), while the rig count decreased by three units.
But the focus of the players now – the upcoming December summit of OPEC+ and the doubts about the agreement on production cuts. It inhibits the growth of prices and makes market participants continue to liquidate long positions on any negative signals.
Nathan Lambert
Head of research,
Global FX