Trump is afraid not to have time for reconciliation on the Korean Peninsula

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On the background of the past the day before yesterday, the talks between North and South Korea, where the leaders of these two has long divided countries at the highest level to make the next steps towards a common understanding and a vector of development of the Korean Peninsula. As follows from the joint statement of the heads of North and South Korea – the meeting was held in atmosphere of mutual understanding and constructive atmosphere, the two leaders discussed the most pressing issues of the Korean Peninsula are moving in the right direction.
Moreover, the President of South Korea, moon Jae-In at a joint press conference with North Korean leader Kim Jong-UN, after their meeting in the capital of the DPRK, noted that the overall geopolitical vector specified by the regional leaders at the WEF-2018 in Vladivostok, and is aimed at reducing tensions on the Korean Peninsula, will be implemented.
In the Administration of Donald trump much thought about their American exceptionalism and decided that probably they’re going to be late if you do not get involved in the Affairs of North and South Korea, and immediately decided to surprise the whole world their desire to resume negotiations with North Korea.
As we learned from the us media, US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo has reportedly invited the Minister of foreign Affairs of North Korea to meet with him in new York, not to postpone the case indefinitely, the meeting about to be held next week. Apparently, America and Donald trump tend to agree on the completion of the process of denuclearization of North Korea by January 2021.
Markets naturally expect relief of tension in the geopolitical struggle between the head of North Korea Kim Jong-UN and Donald trump, but in General, the closing of the trading session in America could be more optimistic. But it seems to us at the moment, until the completion of a U.S. Federal reserve meeting that will be held next week to wait for new movements in the financial market of USA, before.
However yesterday with the opening of the European trading session and at the opening of trading on wall Street, we noted a weak movement in the direction of another increase of yields in 10-year treasuries, but they are not critical to market participants. In addition, again with a different sort of media as we have in the country and in the Western press began to write about the sales of us treasuries from China, which in my opinion is not surprising.
In Russia the center of attention, the growth rate of the national currency against the U.S. dollar and the single European currency, and after or in parallel with it the demand for Russian assets. It remains to understand how long this demand.
Roman Blinov,
Head of analytical Department,
“International financial center”