Trump has supported the oil, threatening with new sanctions to Iran

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Asian stock exchanges showed negative dynamics on Wednesday, still under the influence of fear of inciting a full-fledged trade war between the US and China. The energy sector got a good support for crude oil prices. Brent grew up after trump threatened his allies with sanctions if they did not stop buying oil from Iran until November of this year. European markets showed a mixed mood at the opening on negative territory started Spanish and Italian indexes.
In spite of the predominantly negative external background, the Russian market has opened growth. Index Mosberg and RTS in the first hour of trading increased by 0.5%, but not in a hurry to develop the momentum, as oil prices have moved to consolidate back to their original positions after this morning’s attempts to continue the rally. Now Brent is waiting for the report of the energy reserves and the production of energy in the United States. Positive notes in the release is able to revive local demand for the asset, the next goal which is now the mark 76,90.
The ruble was trading virtually unchanged, trying to decide on a further motion vector. Remains a key mark of 63 RUB around which pairs the us dollar is oscillating for the past two weeks. Here much depends not only on sentiment in the oil market, but also on the overall dynamics of the dollar that is falling today against the other major currencies, but can still return to growth during the day, especially if statistics from the United States will surprise traders.
Nathan Lambert
Head of research,
Global FX