Trump has confused investors

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The emotionality of the President of the United States Donald trump is a very strong effect on the behavioral model of today’s capital market, especially on wall street. There are well aware that there are risks, and to ignore them is almost pointless. But there is hope that the US and China still agree, although I believe it is weak.
While trump writes in a social network and changes its relationship to the new stage of trade relations, the markets are reeling, and will continue it will be until then, until it is clear with China. We seem to see on the TV screen, white noise, which global investors are persistently mistaken for important news.
Still thinking about the review of portfolios, but this idea has been persistently hovering in the air. The fall and rise of the last days volume of transactions on wall street increased slightly, although the peak values of the far.
Now everyone thinks that the US and China can come to a common agreement. No wonder trump said that official Washington is always open to talks with Beijing that is scheduled for early September. Thus all overlooked an important aspect – when they introduced the announced duties on Chinese imports? The market seemingly forgot about those. It is unclear whether the hold duty at the time of negotiations or America to dictate terms that, in my opinion, will only worsen the negotiation process?
The markets are behaving hysterically, then falling, then rising. In the White house all mixed up. So we’ll just have to monitor risks.
Roman Blinov,
Head of analytical Department,
“International financial center”