Today, the ruble steady against the dollar and the Euro

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The Russian ruble today looks quite stable, and continues to be adjusted to a basket of currencies, regaining what I lost earlier. However, there are some doubts that the current sustainable movement.
First, began the active phase of the tax period in Russia. Yesterday we talked a lot and came to the conclusion that if there was something before, the effect we will see is necessary. But as long as everything goes as usual. Second, the oil in the black due to the news from Saudi Arabia: market regains information about the export parameters of the Saudis allowing the price of Brent crude to rise above $60. Thirdly, the tension in the global trade space is minimal, the U.S. is going to return to the negotiating table with China on the trade agreement, it reduces the global risk and level of fears.
The above catalysts are short – term, i.e. will last several days and disappear, or long-term, will last for a long time, but their effect will be diluted. Investors in the ruble, apparently, now just enjoy the abundance of information, to stabilize, and no more.
The US dollar to the end of the day protorguetsya within 65,85-66,25 RUB, the medium is likely to consolidate within 66-67 RUB EUR/RUB retreats as fast, can finish the session in the range 73,10-73,65 RUB.
Anna Bodrova,
Senior analyst,
“Information-analytical center “Alpari”