Tim Draper: Bitcoin is the safest currency today

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Stock Markets Group – Billionaire Tim Draper: Your “money in the banks are at risk to lose value”
Venture investor said in another interview that bitcoin is now the safest currency, and every day advises citizens a little to invest in innovation until it was too late.
Almost two years later after the head of JPMorgan Chase Jamie Dimon has criticized bitcoin, calling it a “fraud” and “worse than Tulip fever”, he suddenly announced that his Bank had created its own prototype of cryptocurrency.
New tokens, called JPM Coin will be tested on the customers of large corporate payment business.
This news was marked by some surprise for those who believed that Dimon was against new technology, and used all sorts of things to criticize bitcoin and blockchain technology.
However, for other experts, especially for a billionaire and a supporter of BTC, Tim Draper, who has invested millions in the cryptocurrency, it was great news.
On Sunday, in an interview with FOX Business Draper said:
“Few derived from the bitcoin tokens are good at the moment, but they all play in favor of bitcoin, supporting it and fueling the interest of investors”
He compared the good news, however, as if “IT giant Apple welcomes IBM in IT business”.
Despite the fact that the rate of bitcoin has not responded with a strong rise in the Bank JP Morgan last week, he jumped more than 5% in recent days.
Recall that Tim Draper is a well-known venture investor, who at one time gave a fairly accurate forecast concerning investments in such companies as Skype, Hotmail and Tesla, and has already invested hundreds of millions of dollars in bitcoins over many years, as it believes that blockchain technology will be a Central element of our new “virtual world”.
In may last year in an interview with FOX Business, he said:
“This will be the biggest historical change in a global world, and that’s fine. I once believed that the Internet was super exciting, but this step will completely change everything, and even government.”
Despite the rapid drop in bitcoin exchange rate with a record high of $ 20,000 in December 2017 to $ 3800 at the moment, experts believe that by 2022 Bitcoin will reach 250 000$.
Draper also said that the growth will be caused by society’s attention, which eventually will realize that it needs a global, decentralized and safe currency.
“Over time, when people will start accepting bitcoins, I will move in a large number of banks in cryptocurrency. It makes no sense to hold on to something when you have the gold”,
Sergey Titov,
Market analyst cryptocurrency
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