The US stock market will start trading Tuesday, falling

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Auction Tuesday can start on the U.S. stock market moderate decrease of the index pending the outcome of the meeting of the Federal reserve system (fed) at the rate of. As expected by market participants, following the meeting, which will be held on Wednesday, the rate will be maintained at the same level. Meanwhile, investors want to understand the tone of speech of the head of the fed after the meeting. Market participants hope to understand the position of the regulator relative to the prospects of the U.S. economy.
Previously, the fed announced its intention to further rate increases, but later the President of the United States Donald trump warned that a strong dollar is bad for the American economy. He has also accused the EU and China in that they purposely kept at a low level their currencies. Now investors want to understand what is the point of view still prevailed.
However, coming from the Eurozone economic data is worse than expectations of analysts. So, was previously published statistics on employment in Germany were worse than expected, which led to the negative dynamics of European stock indices.
Also downward dynamics observed in the world oil market. The decline in oil prices began after quotes rose above $75 dollars on fears of lower global supply of fuel. So, investors feared that the U.S. can renew economic sanctions against Iran. In addition, the growing economic crisis in Venezuela, according to market participants, may lead to a reduction of oil supplies from that country.
Later, the U.S. President expressed readiness to meet with Iran at any time and at every opportunity, which somewhat reduced the degree of tension in the market.
In addition, a significant decline in oil prices is capped by the strike at three fields company Total.
Ivan Marchena,
GK Forex Club