The US stock market will lose at the opening of about 0.5% due to political uncertainty

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The U.S. stock market on Monday will probably lose at the opening of about 0.5% on the background of falling indices of major global trading floors caused by the publication of weak statistics and political uncertainty.
US stocks rose on Friday after the publication of the results of stress tests of American banks. However, futures for the American indexes on Monday, decline on average by 0.5%.
Asian stock indexes finished trading session of Monday fall on average by 1.5% following the release of weaker-projections of statistical data from China and Japan. The world price of oil somewhat reduced range from the level of 78 dollars per barrel of Brent crude after the US President Donald trump has appealed to OPEC to increase the oil production.
Major European stocks were lower after release of weak statistics on business activity in the Eurozone. The Euro-dollar exchange rate weakened to around 1,163 euros to the dollar amid the statements of European officials about possible retaliatory measures in case of introduction of new duties on imports into the United States.
Market participants also pay attention to political news from Germany, where eve announced his decision to resign the head of the Ministry of internal Affairs, Horst Seehofer.
Ivan Marchena,
GK Forex Club