The US stock market will begin the day falling of quotations

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Trading on the U.S. stock market on Wednesday, probably, will pass in negative territory on concerns about inflation growth in the country related to the record high yield on ten-year Treasury bonds.
On the eve of the US market finished trading lower, 1.7% amid rising yields of Treasury bonds of the country in the region of 3% per annum. The main European stock indexes falling on Wednesday at 0.7-1.3 percent.
Asian markets ended the trading session lower by an average of 0.3% in the correction to the growth of the previous day, when they grew stronger in the background of good news on the possible reforms in China.
Futures on US indices decline on average by 0.3%. World oil prices fluctuate at the level of 72,7 USD per barrel of Brent. Previously published data about oil stocks in the United States. According to the American petroleum Institute (API), for a week the oil reserves in the country increased by 1.1 million barrels, while analysts expected reduction of stocks.
The Euro/dollar is trading at 1,2176 dollars per Euro.
Ivan Marchena,
GK Forex Club