The US stock market was delighted with the statements trump

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The major stock indexes of USA the day before has shown growth in the range of 1.3% on the statements of the us President Donald trump on trade negotiations with China. He expressed his desire to return to dialogue with the Chinese side, but also did not rule out the possibility of introducing delay to increase duties on goods from China.
U.S. stock index futures allowed the trader Forex Club earn almost 9 thousand dollars per day on the change of quotations of the Dow Jones, the other trader was able to obtain the dynamics of the Nasdaq more than 4 thousand dollars per day.
Asian markets are rising on Tuesday for the major indexes, the best dynamics of the show Chinese stocks, which added more than 2%.
European stocks were lower on Tuesday as, after the positive statements of trump, investors in the region again fear a further growth of tension in relations between China and the United States.
Market participants also drew attention to statistics from Germany, according to which the country’s GDP in the second quarter of this year fell 0.1% compared with the first quarter. The figure was in line with market expectations.
The Russian stock market on Tuesday, losing to 0.6%. The ruble is weakening more than 25 cents to the dollar and 40 kopecks against the Euro.
Dmitry Semaev,
Financial scout,
Forex Club