The US stock market third day increases, adding more than 1%

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US stocks rose for a third day in a row. US major indices rose on Wednesday by more than percent. DOW30 increased +0.91 percent, which is also very good, because this is the most peaceful index. Today futures on the US added to 0.85%, and the NASDAQ increased by +1,16%.
Index Mosberg has risen by +0.71 per cent. Grow the shares of companies in the oil and gas sector: +1,78% in LUKOIL (LKOH), +1,50%, “Gazprom” (GAZP), +0,88% from NOVATEK (NVTK). Driver was the oil price, which had gained more than 4% due to the sustained hope for the coming of the trade deal between the US and China.
Also yesterday, a marked increase in the shares of VTB Bank (VTBR) – more than 10% in trading after the information about the company’s readiness to return to 50% of th dividends under IFRS. Market participants wondered whether in 2019 two rate cuts from the Central Bank of the Russian Federation. It is believed that limited to one reduction, which is also positive for banks. Against this background, today on +1,23% rose papers of Sberbank (SBER).
The reason for General optimism are the words of Donald trump on willingness to negotiate with China. The problem is that the President says this and the next day everything changes. So I would not bet on long-term growth, and fixed positions in anticipation of future publications from the U.S. labor market.
Dmitry Inogorodniy,
“International financial center”