The US stock market: the Three main reasons for the fall of stock

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The American market went from level 3 000,03 index Standard & Poor’s 500. The main reasons for the fall was three. First, the global market finally began to perceive the statements of Donald trump about the new duties against China seriously. Foreign trade war really affects the US economy, and not for the better. This is confirmed at least information about what is happening in the field of transportation in America.
The second trigger for the decline was the corporate reports of the companies. Most of the economic and financial publications noted that yesterday the major stock indexes on wall street fell. Due to the weak results of the rail operator CSX fear that the protracted war between the US and China will damage the profits of many companies in the United States. Results carriers are here indicator. Yesterday, shares of CSX have lost 10.3 percent after the company reported lower-than-expected quarterly profit and lowered its annual forecast on future revenues from operating activities.
Third, yesterday, the report provided to the second streaming video provider Netflix. Shares in the company set the tone for the movement of the NASDAQ Composite. The company reported that for the quarter, the number of subscribers in the U.S. fell by 130 thousand people, while analysts generally predicted an increase of 352 thousand. Outside the US total number of subscribers of the company increased by 2.83 million instead of the planned 4.8 million
In addition, eBay also announced the decline. For the first six months revenue decreased by 12.3%, which is estimated at $920 million While earnings per share was $1.04 against $of 1.03, a year earlier.
Report of the Corporation Alcoa also attracted investors. In the first half net loss of the American manufacturer of aluminium amounted to $601 million it is Noteworthy that last year during this period, the profit was only $205 million
In the us market, we observe a modest decline in all of the major stock indexes. Let’s see what will happen next.
Roman Blinov,
Head of analytical Department,
“International financial center”