The US stock market: the Overall degree of nervousness did not disappear

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As we have seen over the past week the us stock market managed to start the correction and even succeeded. Most investors embraced the idea of the U.S. Federal reserve about the continuation of the rate hike cycle, although with a clear delay, but still, as a guide to action.
The reaction of the markets that we saw last week should be considered absolutely normal. Of greater interest today is launched at last week’s corporate reporting season and things associated with it.
Yet, at the end of last week, we saw only a technical correction and nothing more. Trends at the moment is not broken, but the General degree of nervousness of the market has not disappeared.
Of U.S. debt maturing in 10 years again, managed in the framework of the General trend to increase your levels to the levels in 3,233% per annum, which will undoubtedly become a new high in recent months.
The oil market after a short-term correction begins to wait for the beginning of the heating season and of course will monitor any data on the level of oil reserves on the East coast of the United States. Over the past few weeks crude oil inventories grew at a rate significantly outpacing the overall market expectations, but now to the common sentiment in the commodities markets joined in the intrigue of the scandal with the loss of Turkish journalist from Saudi Arabia, which puts pressure on the oil market, the uncertainty of the relationship between Saudi Arabia and the United States.
However to speak about the sanctions against the official El Riad say it is very early, but the market remained wary.
In Russia the stock market is influenced by the General sentiment in the international financial market and General trends in the international currency market, then we play the greatest value.
The Russian national currency again, amid the General mood of faith in a brighter future buzdolabi, seeks to strengthen its position in the domestic foreign exchange market, not even paying attention to the rather controversial results of the placements of OFZ bonds on the open market by the Russian Ministry of Finance.
We very much hope that the newly launched corporate reporting season in the US, will dot the “I” and not only on this letter.
Roman Blinov,
Head of analytical Department,
“International financial center”