The US stock market surprised investors historical high

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Yesterday’s closure of the American market was surprised by a new historical high in the S&P 500 Index and, in principle, this became the basis of the trading session on wall Street. The unprecedented infusion of a large mass of cash of us corporations to buy back their assets on the open market again puts pressure on sellers of us assets and pushing the markets to new heights.
Moreover, yesterday’s data on unemployment was again surprised investors, and the General attitude towards foreign trade wars and all of these sanctions are already many stuffed askomin, and investors have developed a certain immunity to what is happening in the White House.
However this happens on a quiet whiffing and crawling yields on 10-year treasuries to new heights in relation to those returns that were in early August and September. It’s intriguing.
In General, the demand for the us dollar on the global currency market has somewhat weakened and the growth in the stock market is not an explosive nature.
As has become commonplace, yesterday Donald trump again signed another law on new sanctions against Russia, but the wording of the law is so vague that to say why exactly he did this is extremely difficult.
Yesterday the Russian stock market fell by and large, in the consolidation and protorgovki levels of achievement, the Russian ruble continued strengthening.
This morning the ruble meets to their lowest for two weeks and this movement is the positive.
As I wrote yesterday, we do not expect drastic changes in the situation on world financial markets at least until the end of the U.S. Federal reserve meeting that will be held next week.
Roman Blinov,
Head of analytical Department,
“International financial center”