The US stock market supported the trade balance and reducing the risk of trade wars

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In global stock markets on Wednesday June 6 it was noted opposite trends. Macroeconomic impact of the US supported the markets. Thus, the deficit of U.S. trade balance in April fell by $ 1 billion, or 2% from a revised March to 46.2 billion dollars – at least 7 months. Analysts had expected the deficit to 50 billion.
In addition, the risks of trade wars reduced – China is willing to increase the purchase of agricultural products and energy carriers from the US $ 70 billion, if the us government will waive import duties on goods from China.
In the end, U.S. stock indexes early in the day in the USA has grown on 0,1-0,5%. The main Western European markets were down 0.2-0.6% on indexes. Pressure on the market by the statements by the chief economist of the ECB Peter Preta about what the ECB notes the approach of inflation to the target level. In this regard, the ECB’s governing Council next week will consider the possibility of reduction of asset purchases, he said.
The Russian stock market on Wednesday declined for the indexes on the background of the uncertain dynamics of the oil market.
In leaders of decrease – actions “the Magnet” (-4,5%). Investors did not like the plans of the retailer to redeem the Marathon Group, which recently became a minority shareholder of “Magnet” pharmaceutical distributor “SIA Group”.
Also dropped the papers “Rostelecom” (-1,7%), “Masuri” (1.6 million%), “Surgutneftegaz” (-1,3%).
Rooted (second day ), GDR En+ (3.1%), Raspadskaya (3.5%), Aeroflot (1.2%).
In General, the ruble indicator Masuri to 18.20 since the beginning of the day decreased by 0.5% to 2307 points, the dollar-denominated RTS index almost did not change about 1173 points.
Expect the next auction index Mosuri will hold in the range 2250-2350 points, and RTS – in the hallway 1155-1185 points.
Ruble in the evening grew modestly against the dollar and fell against the Euro on the attempts of consolidation of the European currency higher 1,175 USD. Oil in rubles were hovering around 4650 per barrel.
The dollar 18.22 MSK decreased by 0.3% to 61,96 of the ruble, the Euro rose 0.2 percent to 72.91 of the ruble. In the next session, the U.S. currency will fluctuate in the range of 61.5-62.5 rubles, euros – in the corridor of 72.3-73.5 per ruble.
Ivan Marchena,
GK Forex Club