The US stock market set record 2019

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After a weak Friday in Russia, the achievement was repeated in the United States. Monday was the worst close of 2019. The cumulative loss of the DOW30 index amounted to 767 points, and during the day he has lost more than 900 points. For the industrial index, it marked the fifth consecutive close in the red zone. Indexes S&P500 and the NASDAQ are down for the sixth day in a row.
Today futures on the us market are traded with the increase, but as shown, it may be quite a while. China will not leave the decision on fees without an answer. Already, Beijing has stopped all purchases of agricultural products from the United States. Although, I must say, it is good for Russia, which significantly increased its imports of soybeans to China, and can now offer a pork.
To draw conclusions too early, but today is the day to pass quietly. All statements made. In the US, all news busy shooting in Texas, and the President is also addressing the issue.
On the Russian market there is weak optimism. Today are trading in positive territory shares of Sberbank (SBER), NOVATEK (NVTK), Gazprom and PhosAgro. Are those paper which you can buy on any dips, as they always have shopping initiative.
Dmitry Inogorodniy,
“International financial center”