The US stock market scared new duties from trump

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World stock markets mixed on renewed concerns about further development prospects of trade relations between the US and China.
Major US stock indices dropped on Tuesday in the range of 2% against the backdrop of threats of U.S. President Donald trump about a possible increase to 25% import duties on goods from China. And later, the us authorities have added that this increase could take place in the end of the week — on the night of Friday. However, it is still expected that the commercial negotiations between the parties will continue.
Asian markets Wednesday lost more than 1% on major indexes on the background of commercial uncertainty. Also disappointed market participants and statistics on the Chinese economy. In April, exports from the country fell by 2.7% and imports increased by 4% while market expected growth of exports by 2.3% and imports decrease by 3.6%.
European indexes are rising in the background were better than forecasts statistics on the German economy. The volume of industrial production in the country in March has grown on 0,5% in comparison with February, although the market is expected to fall by 0.5 percent.
The Russian stock market on Wednesday reduced to within 0.5% before the long holidays. The ruble strengthened more than 10 cents against the dollar and 2 pennies to the Euro on the background of some recovery in world prices for oil after falling more than 1%.
Vadim Kovalenko,
Financial scout,
Forex Club