The US stock market recovers after sharp fall

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Global markets recovered after a sharp decline in the escalation of the trade conflict the United States and China. Major US stock indexes rose on Wednesday to 0.4% in the correction after falling earlier in the week. Investors paid attention to news about the reduction of interest rates by the Central banks of New Zealand, India and Thailand. In addition, the US President Donald trump said that the fed should lower the rate harder and faster now as her actions create problems for the American economy.
Asian markets on Thursday showed growth in the index up to 0.8%, reacting to the statistics, according to which the volume of China’s exports in July rose 3.3%, while imports decreased by 5.6%. In this case the market was expecting a decline in exports by 2% and imports by 8.3%.
European stocks on Thursday added to 1%, some pent-up corporate data reporting in the region. In particular, investors paid attention to the financial statements the largest steelmaker in Germany, ThyssenKrupp AG. In the third quarter of 2018-2019 fiscal year, ThyssenKrupp has reduced the net loss attributable to shareholders of the company, 29% to 94 million euros.
The Russian stock market is also showing a modest positive trend, the ruble is growing in the range of 10 cents to the dollar and the Euro.
Dmitry Semaev,
Financial scout,
Forex Club