The US stock market opens in the red because of the imposition of duties on Chinese goods

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Trading on the stock market in the United States can start in negative territory on the background of the relevant dynamics of the American futures, which fell after the decision of the Americans to impose duties on imports from China.
Major US stock indexes ended Friday lower after the country’s President, Donald trump announced new duties on imports of Chinese goods.
On Monday futures for indexes of the USA traded down 0.6-0.8%. In Asia, stock exchanges in China and Hong Kong were closed for holidays. The Japanese Nikkei finished the trading session lower by 0.75%.
European stocks fall Monday fall on 0,4-1,4%. EURUSD fluctuates at a mark 1,1609 dollars per Euro.
World oil prices are moving in different directions, mark Brent, a slight increase to the level of 74,2 USD per barrel. At the moment market participants are waiting for the decision as part of the deal, OPEC+ on further possible increase production of “black gold”. It is expected that in the near future the OPEC members will discuss a possible agreement on increasing the volume of oil production at 300-600 thousand barrels per day.
Ivan Marchena,
GK Forex Club