The US stock market: On wall street after a break of highs

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Yesterday’s trading on wall street was like a respite in the battle for the next capture of max on the stock market. Overall nothing new in the auction did not happen, and the news background was calm. Corporation report, investors are cautious, but for good reason. Investors are unhappy that the U.S. Congress resumed parliamentary investigation against the team of Donald trump, but like the supporters of Hillary Clinton. Re-initiated the democratic party investigation for alleged links with Russia’s electoral headquarters of the trump during the presidential campaign will boost wall street.
Recently Donald trump has once again pointed out to the American parliamentarians, it is not necessary to conduct a “ridiculous party investigation”, because they can harm the welfare of the United States. In his speech, trump again outlined their policy priorities on a post of the President of the United States, but the specific details of this policy are not disclosed. Assuming a flare-up of disputes, he urged Democrats and Republicans to reach a compromise before February 15 to avoid a new “shutdown”, the so-called version 2.0.
If you look at the situation from outside of macroeconomics, the published data of the Ministry of Commerce say that in November the country has significantly decreased the trade deficit by as much as 11.5 percent, compared with October last year.
But the end of trading on the stock market in Latin America is worrying about the fate of Venezuela. In China, the ongoing new year holidays, and it is difficult to find Chinese investors – time.
However, money never sleeps. Despite the fact that the momentum on wall street yesterday was lower than normal, the market did not stand still. Waiting for the outcome of the week.
Roman Blinov,
The head of the analytical Department of the company,
“International financial center”